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What tips would people who’ve been there and done it give?

Q: What tips would people who’ve been there and done it give?

A: These tips have been compiled from some of our most successful clients and coaches, and are based on the simple things that have helped the most people to get great RESULTS!

✅ Nina

I get a lot of my protein from fat free Greek yoghurt (Liberte), Kefir quark (Biotiful), cottage cheese (Longley Farm), Egg Whites (Two Chicks in carton) – all great staple ingredients I use most days in a variety of recipes both sweet and savoury. The obvious ones like chicken breast, lean mince, cod, prawns, eatlean cheese. Meringues to use as toppings for desserts as you don’t need much, sugar free jelly powder to mix with yog or quark to make blancmange 😋.

Prep too! I plan my meals for the day and generally plan a pudding in to look forward to – make a quark cheesecake or a blancmange or trifle and then it is sat there ready in the fridge. Not only satisfies sweet cravings and stops you going for other treats but also more filling and factored in to your protein requirements for the day. Win win!

✅ Lucie

My staples are pretty much as everyone else. I eat a lot of egg white omelettes with ham / bacon medallions, mushrooms, spinach etc. You can also make a very thin egg white omelette and use it as a wrap. Life saver for lunches! I also love anything I can just shove in my gob 😂 I’m greedy and like snacks!! Things like cottage cheese rolled in ham keep me from the biscuit tin and are easy to count for MFP.

✅ Vanessa

Prawns and tuna are great for high protein but low calories 😘.

✅ TJ

When I first started the nutrition I ate a lot of chicken with different flavours. Plus cod, tuna and lots of salad and veg….and protein yogurts. I was very strict and it paid off – just listen to Dan’s advice and you can’t go wrong. Just remember it doesn’t have to be boring just be creative!💪💪💪

✅ Catherine

Basics I get in are
Heck chicken sausages
Lean mince (any kind)
Steak (for fridays)🤣
Lots of peppers onions mushrooms
Broccoli and cauliflower
I build my meals round my source of protein but these are things I always have in as all my meals are quick and simple 😊

✅ Joanne

My go to items are:
Two chicks Egg whites
Protein pancake mixtures
Eat lean cheese
Fage 0% protein yoghurt
Kvarg protein yoghurts
Protein bars and powder
Lean pork
Fruit and veg
Frozen fruit for mixing with yoghurt
Sweet Freedom choc sauce for yogurts
No sugar jellies

✅ Dan

1: Protein

Q: I’m struggling to hit the protein target. How can I get in more protein?

A: Eat more protein! Instead of having 100g of chicken, have 300g! Instead of having four egg whites, have six!

Protein will help you build retain and build muscle and strength and it’s really filling!

2: Fruit & Veg

Eat lots and lots of fruit and veg! As many different types and colours as you can. Try and get minimum 5 a day, up to a potential 10 a day (I usually hit 7 to 10) of a wide range of fruit and veg, with a focus on leafy or fibrous veg, lettuce, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cucumber, gherkins, spinach etc. Think variety as well as quantity! 💪🙌

3: Make it work for you!

If you have a big appetite then have loads of food. If you don’t then don’t. As long as you hit the numbers, which are based on your goals, there are so many different options!