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What protein goal should I set on MFP?

Q: What protein goal should I set on MFP?

A: If you’re wondering how many grams of protein per day you should be eating, here’s some information.

📊 RDA. Most adults need around 0.75g of protein per kilo of body weight. E.G.

9 stone (57kg) = 43g
12 stone (76kg) = 57g
15 stone (95kg) = 71g

💪 For Significant Muscle Gain (Body Building). 1.6-2.2g per kg bodyweight is the gold standard.

9 stone (57kg) = 91-125g
12 stone (76kg) = 121-167g
15 stone (95kg) = 152-209g

🕺💃 For Muscle Gain/Preservation + Satiety, whilst in a calorie deficit to reduce body fat (Toning). 2-3g per kg bodyweight seems to be ideal.

9 stone (57kg) = 114-171g
12 stone (76kg) = 152-228g
15 stone (95kg) = 190-285g

Don’t fret too much about whether to go top end or lower end! Just pick a number that suits you appetite, your budget, your dietary preferences, and you’ll be fine!

Remember, whether it’s for fat loss or building up – calories are king!! So, as long as you’ve got your calorie intake right, just get your protein within these boundaries and you’ll be on your way to awesome RESULTS!

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