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Reach PT: Warming Up

Before performing any workout you should warm up. A simple warmup to get your body prepared for exercise would consist of

1: Mobilise Joints & Muscles. The goal here is just to get your joints moving and get the synovial fluid flowing. Think about every joint in your body, especially the ones you are going to be using for your workout. Ankles, shoulders, knees, elbows, hips, fingers, toes.

2: Low Intensity Pulse Raiser. Marches on the spot – into light jogging is a good start. Would you feel comfortable with that you can progress to high knees, star jumps etc.

3: Specific Warm Up. Low resistance versions of the exercise you will be performing. For example if you are going to be doing press ups you might want to do 2/4/5+ reps to prepare the body for your first working set. 10 reps might be a warm up for one person, whereas 2-3 reps might be appropriate for another, depending on fitness levels. Or you could do bodyweight squats in preparation for building up to weighted squats.

Fundamentally, you are taking your body through a gradual process of getting ready for your first, potentially intense, work set.

The duration of your warm up will generally depend on:

  • What you are doing. I.E. how much stress you’ll placing on the body in its entirety, and the specific joints and muscles used in the exercises you will be performing.

  • Your body. If you are extremely supple, flexible and fit then you may be able to perform the movements fairly easily without an extended warmup. If your joints and muscles are tight and stiff then may benefit from a longer warm up.

Watch this video for a run-through of a simple warm up that you can do at home before training.