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Reach PT: Weight Training Programmes

Programme 1: Full Body Dumbbell workoutThis programme can be done at home with a pair of dumbbells. You’ll train 3 times a week, following a different workout each time. You should aim to repeat the workout each week and to progressively lift more weight, with better form.

Programme 2: Fast Fit Dumbbell and Barbell workouts. The Fast Fit workouts have something for everyone. You can dive in and out of them as desired. Aim to repeat a specific workout every few weeks or months and aim to either lift more weight, improve your technique, complete it faster, or do more rounds/reps (depending on the workout type/format).

Programme 3: These plans are designed to be followed for 5 weeks, with an active recovery* week every 6th week. If desired, you can repeat any of them more than once before moving on to the next one.

* Active recovery means resting from the programme, not from training altogether. You can still train but with less intensely – do different things and have some fun!