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ReachFLEX can help you improve your mobility, reduce stiffness, get you moving more freely and help reduce your chance of injury.

– Do you spend all day sitting at a desk?
– Are you starting to feel a bit stiff?
– Aching back?
– Not as flexible as you used to be?
– Want to improve your ability to perform the exercises in the studio?

We recommend learning all these movements and getting comfortable with them. After a quick warm up (see video below) go through the videos in your own time and get acquainted with them for a few days. Once you have done this, a 5-10 minute circuit of your favourite (i.e. most beneficial) movements, 5-6 days a week is all you need!

Getting comfortable with the movements in the videos below will help to improve your mobility. This is beneficial because:

1: It will improve your ability to perform exercises such as squat, lunge, deadlift and shoulder press, which will help you to achieve your strength and body goals. A few days a week following this programme could save you, potentially, 12-24 months of not being able to do the exercises properly, never mind increase the weight you are lifting.

2: I’m sure you’ve seen the people who get into their 50s, 60s 70s and beyond who have difficulty climbing the stairs, bending down and performing other every day movements. Contrast this with people who are squatting and deadlifting until they are 90. These exercises will massively increase your quality of life, which will impact the time and enjoyment you have with your loved ones. 

Below is a database of different movements for common areas that can be tight and make certain movements difficult. You can use this to create a 5-10 minute routine that can be performed a couple of times a day. Here’s an example of one of my favourite mobility routines.

Upper Body


Shoulders: Standing Shoulder Stretch

Shoulders: Doorway Stretch

Shoulders: Prone Shoulder Stretch

Back: Toe Touch

Back: Side To Side (Reps)

Back: Angry Cat Happy Cat

Back/Shoulders: Spine Roll Out

Back/Shoulders/Ankles: Child Pose

Lats: Standing Let Stretch

Wrists: Wrist Stretch

Back/Hamstrings: Counter Stretch


Lower Body


Hip Flexors (TLF): Thread The Needle

Hip Flexors (Gracillis): Frog Pose Stretch

Hip Flexors (Piriformis): Pigeon Pose

Hamstrings/Back: Counter Stretch

Quads/Hamstrings/Hip Flexors: Deep Squat