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Equipment: Bodyweight
Body part: Chest, triceps
Format: Practice
Duration: 5-10 mins

Out of all the Fast Fit videos, this is potentially the most valuable for many people.

So many people struggle with press ups because they have no structure or coaching for them, so it becomes a bit of a nemesis.

We’ve helped so many people to achieve their first press up using this method!!

All you need to do is follow the steps outlined in the video and you can make lots of progress, pretty quickly!

DVDs used to be the best way to do it because they were all a standard size, so you could take them away in equal increments, but you can’t do that with MPEGs and Netflix 😆 So, just use whatever you can to raise the floor up, and then gradually reduce the height until you can do a press up!

Guess what, practice works!! ❤️ ❗️

❗️Don’t forget to warm-up first!