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Equipment: Bodyweight
Body part: Legs, triceps
Format: EMOM
Duration: 20 mins

EMOM10 Ballet Squats
EMOM10 Dips
(EMOM means Every Minute On the Minute)

Start with the clock at zero and do, say, 10 reps. Then rest until the clock gets to 1 minute. Do another set of reps. Repeat this every time the next minute comes around for the duration of the workout.

The goal is to do the highest consistent number of reps, on the minute every minute.

Some people might be able to do 15 reps on the minute every minute for 10 minutes. some people may be able to do 5.

Pick a number that you think you can do, without compromising on technique.

Make sure you give yourself enough rest to recover before the next minute comes around

✅ Keep the movement standards high throughout. Don’t sacrifice technique for extra reps!

❗️Don’t forget to warm-up first!