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How can increase my protein intake without going over my calories?

We recommend a high-protein diet for many of our clients – you can see the main reasons for this in this post.

One of the most common questions we get is, “How do I get in my protein without going over my calories?” The best way to get more protein is to eat more protein! Eat plenty of high protein, low calorie foods! 

Foods are not just made up of pure protein or pure carb/fat, so the composition of food will determine how many calories are in it. Some foods contain a reasonable amount of protein, but also fats and carbs, which increase the calories (think satiety!).

It’s important to remember that, in terms of fat loss, the key issue is calories in calories out, so it’s important not to “let the tail wag the dog” and try to eat lots of protein at the expense of a decent caloric deficit. Yes, aim for as much protein as possible in order to preserve muscle mass (a key component of “toning”) but don’t blow your calories and don’t eat extra calories chasing protein! 

Below is a table of common foods, with the calories per 30g protein listed. 

Table showing calories per 30g protein for a number of common foods

As you can see, you can get 30g of protein from 120 calories of prawns or 1000 calories of oats. Oats are great for carbs and fibre but I wouldn’t even think about them as a protein source because the protein-calorie ratio is just too high.

That’s why lean meat, fish and eggs are staples for many of our most successful clients!